Safety and Security

Among the benefits of living in ArrowCreek are the people and processes put in place to keep our homes and families safe and secure. Our staff and systems are here to ensure the wellbeing of the community and the natural playground surrounding us.


At ArrowCreek, security means more than someone standing at the entrance gate. It means 24/7 on-call service for residents, quick and easy ways to let visiting friends and family in, and more.

Security is ready to assist 24 hours a day. They respond to emergencies, suspicious activities, water leaks, snow removal concerns, dangerous activities, unsafe driving, parking concerns, visitors, and are available for general assistance.  ArrowCreek Security personnel are employees of the Homeowners Association and they are dedicated to serving the residents of ArrowCreek. They work very closely with the Homeowners Association’s Safety Advisory Committee and the Fuels Management Committee to make the community safe for all.


The ArrowCreek Association uses the QuickPass gate system that allows residents to build customized visitor lists and send instructions directly to security. QuickPass speeds the entry process, without sacrificing security. Residents manage Visitor Lists online; which Security Staff access from the entrance gate driveway via a handheld device. As a cloud-based solution, QuickPass eliminates expensive equipment while delivering the critical data and reports Communities demand for Community Security. QuickPass speeds the resident access process by simplifying device management, eliminating the need for multiple databases and offering real-time reports. It offers community access security. To login or learn more, visit


Living in a picturesque setting often presents unique risks. Wildfire, wildlife and snowstorms can present unique challenges to our residents. That’s why we encourage every resident to review the following plans and resources frequently.


Our community is serviced by Washoe County’s Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District. It can be reached at 775-326-6000. Other important resources include:


Coyotes, deer and bear are our neighbors. Safely interacting with them is essential. Please find complete information on resources and tips to confront wildlife here.

Security House

Security Contact Information

  • Gatehouse telephone   775-850-4450
  • Gatehouse fax    775-850-4451
  • Security Director’s Email