HOA Management and Payments

Associa Sierra North provides management services for all ArrowCreek back-office needs including finances and assessments.

Community Manager Jeanne Tarantino and her team at Associa is the one who keeps our needs on track. You can contact Jeanne and the team directly at (775) 626-7333.

Assessment Payment Options

ACHOA strives to make payments as convenient and easy as possible, following are options for paying assessments:

Traditional: Send a check for your monthly assessment with a payment coupon (the mailing address on the coupon is for direct deposit to the Association’s bank). The coupon identifies how the bank should apply your payment. You can send any amount you want with one coupon; you can pay one month, two months, or an entire year. Whatever is easiest for you.
Please note, if you own more than one property, you must write separate checks for each property. Separate checks assures the bank will apply the payments to the correct property.

If you don’t have a payment coupon: You can follow the instructions below for Online Banking, and simply mail your check direct to the lock box. Be sure to include accurate property and account information on the check.

Online Banking: You can use your online bill-pay service. The check is to be made out to ArrowCreek HOA. If you use this method, a payment coupon does not accompany the online check your bank will issue. Please be sure that your online check includes the property owner’s name and 7-digit account number. It is recommended to add the property address as well. Payments should be mailed to:
ArrowCreek HOA
P.O. Box 63515
Phoenix, AZ 85082-3515

Please note, if the bank receives a check without account information, processing maybe delayed and late charges could apply. Again, if you have more than one lot, it is recommended that you send separate online checks.

Electronic Funds Transfer: The easiest and most efficient option for payment is EFT. This automatically takes the payment electronically from your account into the Association’s account on approximately the 5th of each month. No coupons required. To sign up for this program, you can obtain an EAP form from the website, or contact Associa Sierra North and we will send a form to you.

Credit Card Online – Associa has contracted with a third party to allow for credit card or e-check payments through the Associa Sierra North website (https://associaonline.com/locations/associa-sierra-north).  Please note that there is a service charge for each transaction.