Board Updates & Insights

Community leadership is provided by the Board of Directors as well as the Association Committees with the assistance of staff and management. All owners are eligible to serve on committees. These committees help shape the future of ArrowCreek.

The Board generally meets at the ArrowCreek Resident’s Club every other month at 6:00 PM. Times and location are subject to change. All meetings are open to the homeowners and are announced at least 10 days prior to the meeting date. Owners are allowed to attend all portions of such meetings except those portions designated as “executive session.” Owners have the right to speak at said meetings pursuant to N.R.S. 116.31085. The Board may establish reasonable limitations on the time a homeowner may speak at the meetings. The period of time required to be devoted to comments by homeowners and discussion of those comments for agenda items are scheduled for the beginning of each meeting and for non-agenda items are scheduled for the end of each meeting. For an update on meetings, find the full community calendar here.

Meet your board members by clicking here.

Meetings are recorded in accordance with NRS 116, a copy of the audio recording, the minutes or a summary of the minutes of the meeting shall be provided to the unit owners upon request, in electronic format, at no charge to the unit’s owner or, if the association is unable to provide the copy or summary in electronic format, in paper format at a cost not to exceed 25 cents per page for the first 10 pages, and 10 cents per page thereafter. Minutes and other important HOA information is within 30 days after a meeting. You can view your minutes here. Board meetings are conducted using the ArrowCreek HOA Parliamentary Procedures Resolution which is accessible by logging in. 

In June 2017, an outside contractor presented ArrowCreek’s Strategic Plan Report. View it here.